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Acoustic technology solutions

Ouying Electronics is a professional supplier of miniature components and acoustic solutions that lead the market. Our miniature speakers and receivers have been challenging the limits of performance and size for 20 years. , Which has won the support and recognition of global customers.

Ouying Electronics is committed to perfecting, developing, and continuously expanding its series of acoustic products. At the same time, Europe should provide a series of acoustic solutions, covering sound processing (High Power, Water Proof IPx9, Super WideBand, HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility), High Res. (High Resolution), 3ATM 5ATM Water Proof (30m 50m / 1 hours), monomer tuning, customized audio curve, and other acoustic solutions, providing an all-round competitive technology platform for electro-acoustic components and accessories.

Ouying invests heavily in customer proposals/concepts and ideas every year, and dozens of projects are invested in development during the year. With rich experience, background, and comprehensive materials, we can provide products that meet customer requirements in the shortest time.