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Core competence
R&D capabilities
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R&D strength

We have more than 20 years of professional personnel engaged in electro-acoustic device technology, management, and advanced research and development, production and testing equipment, with innovative technology, stable and consistent quality, the continuous growth of production capacity, and the best level of mass production for customers. High-quality and effective OEM and ODM services.

Real-time understanding of the current and future market direction and dynamics, combined with B & K, Klippel, SoundCheck, Audio Precision, CLIO, and other acoustic equipment, can provide high-quality design, simulation analysis, meet market needs, customer design requirements and preferences, provide the novel design of product technology development, And continue to create new value for products and customers to help customers enhance the largest market competitiveness.

Ouying has been advancing in the footsteps of the market to jointly develop projects with international material manufacturers to enhance product competitiveness and market advantages.

R & D equipment

1.Anechoic Chamber 2.B&K 2012 3.Klippel R&D System  4. SoundCheck v18  5.Clio v11 6. Audio Precision (AP)