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Core competence
Quality control ability
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Ouying's quality development policy

make unremitting efforts, move towards zero defects, and make world-class products and user experience that will touch consumers!

Quality Policy

Respect customer needs, ensure the best quality and provide perfect service

test capability

1. Reliability test 2. Environmental test 3. Institutional test 4. Aging life test 5. Dimensional measurement 6. Physical property test 7. XRF detection of hazardous materials

environmental policy

in line with RoHS, HF, international regulatory requirements

Ouying Green System Management

1. Hazardous Substance Policy 2. Adhere to Environmental Protection 3. Use of Environmentally Friendly Materials 4. Promote Green Production

Environmental policy

1. Abide by environmental laws and regulations and related requirements

2. Establish green production lines and improve resource utilization

3. Prevent disease and control pollution, reduce waste, and reduce the impact on the environment

4. Improve the environmental awareness of spring source, advocate the participation of all employees, and continue Improve the environmental management system