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Core competence
Manufacturing capacity
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Flexible production and capacity

Ouying has a group of experienced acoustic related product manufacturing experience and automation technical personnel, with complete manufacturing capabilities, including advanced automated assembly capabilities, automated inspection equipment, independent innovative process technology, through modular semi-automatic production line design, Can quickly adjust the allocation of production capacity, to ensure high-quality, efficient professional production to provide customers with fast and efficient all-round services.

Mold development

The pursuit of first-class quality is our goal. Advanced technology and first-class equipment are the guarantees of quality. We have an excellent team and fully adopt CAD, Pro / E, Autodesk, and other advanced 2D and 3D design software for mold design, analysis, production assistance, and processing to facilitate mold produce. At the same time, we have an experienced and highly skilled technical team, through their superb skills to create products that satisfy our customers, and seize the market opportunities.

Ouying has cooperated with many well-known international manufacturers for many years, and the product quality has been well received by customers. After years of development, we have established a perfect quality assurance system based on the principle of customer first and won a good reputation among customers.

Vertical integration

The concept of vertical integration to create greater value for customers: Ouying has been deeply involved in the field of consumer electronics and has reached stable cooperation with internationally renowned customers for many years. And cooperate with the upstream materials to develop composite sound film materials, mold, injection, sound film molding, can provide customers with a full range of services.