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Talent Concept

Ouying Electronics adheres to the concept of "talent is the most precious asset in the enterprise". Based on the idea of "respecting talents, trusting talents and relying on talents", the company has established a working, learning and living environment with a unique culture, so that employees' independent personality, personal dignity, and personal rights are fully respected and they can often feel that they come from the company The understanding, care and help of the extended family allows employees to have a real sense of identity, security and belonging to the company. At the same time, the company also adheres to the strategic thinking of "win-win" with employees, providing each employee with competitive salaries and benefits, perfect personal development and training opportunities, so that they can continuously improve and achieve in a challenging working environment. Maximum value! Make individuals and organizations grow together and build a broad stage for talent development. We look forward to your coming to play your talents, develop a sky that belongs to you, cooperate with us with your wisdom and sincerity, and work together to build a beautiful and brilliant!

Training mechanism

1. The company has different training courses according to the actual working nature of employees, subdivided into monthly training plans led by various departments, and annual training plans led by the administrative department. (Establish different training courses for different positions in basic management, management, technology, senior management, etc.)

2. According to the requirements of employees for work skills, regularly send out opportunities for learning; or hire external lecturers to set up important courses in the company to achieve the optimization of training effects, and take training as an important indicator to enhance talents and company competitiveness

Promotion mechanisms

The company has a perfect promotion channel to encourage employees to make positive contributions, make more contributions, and reward advanced and selective talents, so as to maximize the potential of talents.